Meet Kirill Berezovski, a passionate and versatile dancer born in Odessa, Ukraine. After moving to Germany at a young age, he grew up bilingual in German and Russian while residing in Freiburg.

Kirill’s dance journey began at the age of 15 when he discovered his love for dance through Latin, Ballroom, and Social dances. Although he initially explored a career as a competition dancer and dance teacher in ballroom dancing, his true passion bloomed when he delved into Urban dance styles. Embracing the freedom to express creativity and break away from conventional norms, Kirill participated in numerous workshops and master classes, including the renowned Urban Dance Camp in Lörrach (D).

In 2012, Kirill’s dream of becoming a professional dancer was further solidified when he successfully auditioned for the prestigious dance theatre project “Romeo feat. Julia.”

Kirill pursued his formal dance education from 2012 to 2015, studying dance and choreography in Mannheim. During this time, he seized opportunities to enhance his skills abroad, training at the Alvin Ailey School and the Broadway Dance Center in New York City.

Following his graduation, Kirill sought to expand his experience in contemporary dance by joining the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel for a six-month period. He continued his artistic development through intensive workshops with prominent figures like, Emanuel Gat,  Johannes Wieland and Hofesh Shechter.

Throughout his career, Kirill has collaborated with esteemed international artists and dance companies, including Yasmeen Godder Company, SHIBUI Kollektiv, Susanna Curtis Dance Affairs, MIRA dance company, Edan Gorlicki, Ashley Wright and many others.

Since 2017, Kirill has showcased his own choreographic work on an international stage. Notable creations such as “Of dreams to come,” “Winterschlaf,” “Heads up,” “Lila Wolken,” and “My Hungry Heart” have earned acclaim in various festivals, with the latter premiering on March 21, 2019, at the ODC Theater in San Francisco, California.