Kirill Berezovski

Dancer // Choreographer // Teacher


Requiem Reinvented - Residency at Choreographic Center Heidelberg

Our inspiration lies in Mozart’s brilliant and timeless Requiem. With a team of 2 dancers/choreographers and a musician, we aim to explore how to bring this masterpiece into a contemporary context. We will re-arrange the Requiem and experiment with compositional and technical means. Music and dance will meet on an equal level, allowing them to interact harmoniously. Through meticulous analysis, we aim to extract the emotions and meanings of the piece and give them a new sonic expression through electronic composition. Subsequently, we will explore the physical embodiment of the sound and search for a shared language of sound and movement. Our focus will be on highlighting the internal pulse, the spirit, and the emotional essence of the music. Our goal is to interpret the Requiem in an innovative way and create a unique connection between music and dance.


Kirill Berezovski
Linda Brodhag

Musical Direction:

Carlos Trujillo

14.8 - 26.8 (Showing on the 25.8 at 19h)